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If you are curious about or struggling with vaginal prolapse, this is an important article: F.D.A Halts U.S. Sales of Pelvic Mesh, Citing Safety Concerns for Women.

A couple of things I think are important: the mesh discussed in the article is only one of many different kinds of pelvic and abdominal mesh available to surgeons; not everyone who has had this or other kinds of mesh implanted experience the problems reported, however, too many do.

In the comments section there are quite a few high-quality comments from health care providers of many different stripes. And, of course, the overriding question: if not mesh, then what? I’ve had many clients over the years with many different forms of mesh and clients who have had the non-mesh surgery for prolapse. However, it sounds as if very few surgeons are actually trained in the non-mesh procedure. I didn’t realize how few.

For me, this is an article that highlights different aspects not just of mesh vs. non-mesh but also the disparities in health and medical care, and the void that too often exists when faced with pelvic and abdominal pain and dysfunction.

Read the article here.

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Isabel Spradlin
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