For Practitioners


Hello Practitioners!

I’m so glad you’re here. I hope this site turns out to be a good resource for you and your patients. To help that happen, here are a few things for you:

1. Training Videos for Practitioners – Angela Severson and I have just finished the Learn to Work with the Abdomen training videos! Of course the Self-Care Videos are a great place to start learning how to work in the belly and for helping your clients do work in their own abdomens. Now we’ve gone a step further with a program that includes 13 brand new videos and a robust workbook to help practitioners integrate this work into their practice!

2. Practitioner Codes – Practitioner discount codes are a great way to save your clients and colleagues some money when they purchase the self-care or training videos! If you would like to get a code for yourself, please email isabel {at} spradlinbodyworks {dot} com.

3. Suggestions? I am always happy to hear about what you need to get started or further your learning about working with the abdomen. Even if I can’t act on the suggestions right away, I would love to hear your ideas.