Practitioner Training

“I learned enough to want to do belly work and started with one of my long term clients today.  He appreciated it.  Love, and gratitude.”  – Cathy Zheutlin, LMT


Learn to Work with the Abdomen

13 Videos and 1 Workbook

(including monthly support!)

This program currently includes 4.5 hours of video instruction and many hours of workbook exercises for licensed manual therapists who are ready to begin working safely and effectively in the belly and abdomen.

This program can work for you if:

♦ You currently have clients with abdominal distress and you want to learn how to help them.
♦ You already work in the belly but want a more robust framework for your treatments.
♦ You want to be able to safely and effectively help clients after abdominal surgery or other trauma.
♦ You want to gain a better working understanding of the abdominal organs and other structures.
♦ You are excited about working with the abdomen but don’t know where to start.
♦ You have attended abdominal workshops and learned new protocols and skills but aren’t sure how to integrate those skills into your sessions.

This program covers:

♦ Information about everything from Intake and Setting Expectations with clients to hands-on demonstrations of working in the abdomen. (See below for full syllabus.)
♦ Perspective and information from practitioners who have each been working with the belly for many years.
♦ A huge number of trusted resources to further expand your knowledge and training.


“I’ve been a massage therapist for many years and have felt very comfortable working on the muscles in the abdomen. However, I have been working in a new more subtle way, and am constantly seeing connections to this area that need to be addressed. I knew that there was more that I needed to know in order to effectively work with these connections. These videos are helping me to see a path that I can explore.” – Juliann Squires, LMT

What does the Program include?

The Workbook is 80+ pdf pages of essential information and exercises to guide and support you through the work you do in this Program.

MONTHLY group Q&A support calls to answer your questions, clarify your work, and give you the support you need to make the absolute MOST of this work in your practice!  (This alone is worth 4x what you pay for the entire program!)

13 VIDEOS to take you step-by-step through the changes that might need to happen in the structure of your practice to safely intake new abdominal clients (or seamlessly take current clients into this new belly work).  And, of course, the videos also include the hands-on learning that you need in order to be both safe and effective in your abdominal work.


What do the Videos cover?

1. Introduction: Isabel and Angela discuss reasons for doing abdominal work and primary considerations when beginning. 6 min.

2. Intake: Learn additional intake questions and considerations that are recommended for abdominal-specific clients, and considerations for chronic abdominal pain. 15 min.

3. Setting Expectations: Learn how to set expectations with clients about what they might expect from abdominal work and how to help them navigate the process of seeking care for chronic abdominal distress. 2 min.

4. Beginning the Session: Specific considerations for working with clients in the beginning of the hands-on part of the session, including when you encounter unexpected issues in a client’s abdomen. 12 min.

5. Sustaining the Session: Working with client feedback during a session and how to progress when adjustments need to be made so as not to overload your clients. 13 min.

6. Ending the Session: Communicating expectations for what might come up for the client post-session and thoughts about avoiding adding in more stress for your clients. 14 min.

7. Recommended Treatment: General guidelines for how to figure out if a client is a good fit for you as a practitioner and belly work as a whole. Thoughts on referring clients to other practitioners. 10 min.

8. Working with the Layers: Using the framework of the layers to approach safe, very effective abdominal work. Foundational techniques and considerations to use through all of the layers of the belly. 18 min.

9. Working with the Organs: Learn how to safely approach and work with the abdominal organs for specific or general work. 20 min.

10. Working with Incision Scars: Learn about different types of incision scars, in different layers, and how to work with them. 22 min.

11. Working with the Legs and External Pelvic Floor: Learn about this often-overlooked and crucial piece of working with the abdomen – the legs toward the external pelvic floor. 8 min.

12. The “Non-Abdominal” Body: Why it is important to not lose sight of the whole person when practicing abdominal work. 5 min.

13. Boundaries (Audio): An audio conversation about the boundaries involved in working with clients’ abdomens and chronic pain. 12 min.


Sound good?  We think so!


$329 (US)
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$119 for 3 months (US)

“Each practitioner’s hands will work differently within a body and I found it fascinating to watch yours. I love the calm and soothing setting you chose to create your video series and that you presented more in the form of a conversation rather than a lecture.”  – Janet Kingsley, LMT

Angela and I have been to many, many, many bodywork workshops over the years, a huge number of them specifically for the abdomen.  What we have found is that, while protocols are excellent tools to have, there is a whole framework that has been missing in this training.  And we believe this is the most important framework of all:

It is possible to work safely and effectively in the belly with the skills you already have.

It is very likely that what you are missing is not information about how to mobilize the uterus, or release the ileocecal valve, or bring the gallbladder out of restriction, or resolve an imminent bowel obstruction.  Learning specific techniques is important, but . . .

When you approach the belly from the framework we give you in this program, you can be effective and safe without having to immediately learn a bevy of detailed techniques.  (Which is not to say that you shouldn’t learn those, too.  You should!)


HOWEVER, we have seen over and over again that individual protocols become vastly more relevant and useful once you have this way of working (that we teach you here) firmly in your hands and mind. 


What we teach you here is the framework and processes you need to integrate fully all of the inevitable technique and protocol you already have learned, or will in the future.

We hope you will join us in providing this life-changing work to clients around the world.  There are so many people suffering from abdominal distress, and we are so excited for you to make this investment in order to bring your excellent work to them.


$329 (US)
buy now


$119 for 3 months (US)