Abdominal Healing

isabel spradlin abdominal practitioner

It’s never too late to help your belly and pelvis heal. Through my in-person work and my online programs, you can learn to recover from:

  • Abdominal adhesions and surgery
  • Pregnancy and delivery (especially cesarean)
  • Bowel obstructions
  • Other abdominal distress and trauma

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postpartum recovery

Learn about how to care for your belly and pelvis after pregnancy, delivery, or miscarriage.

Pregnancy and birth are a big deal. Whether yours ended in exactly the way you planned or in an unexpected c-section or other emergency, there’s a lot you can do to continue your healing process.

Many moms ask me if it’s too late to do this now that their kids are grown. It’s never too late.

pre- and post- abdominal surgery

Preparing for and recovering from abdominal surgery can seem daunting. But it is possible.

No matter how long it’s been since your surgery (six weeks or many decades) there is a lot you can do to help reduce and resolve adhesions and other discomfort, including bowel obstructions.

It is possible to recover.

abdominal practitioners

Here’s a practitioner directory to help you get started in finding the right practitioner to work with.

abdominal health programs

Learn about programs made to help you recover. I have made these programs to be both safe and effective.

abdominal blog

On my blog I post how-to articles and various other tidbits. I also interview various practitioners who work with the abdomen and pelvis. I always love learning from my colleagues!