I just became slightly obsessed with this blog: http://cultfit.wordpress.com/.

I’m sure there are plenty of explanations for why it is a siren call to me and so many others, but who cares why?  It just is . . . wonderful.

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin is a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and abdominal adhesion specialist in Portland, OR. She specializes in educating people about manual treatment (massage) for abdominal pain and dysfunction, especially when it is adhesion related. Please see the "Programs" page to see her offerings.

2 thoughts on “Yikes”

  1. Oh my great goodness, thank you for sharing this blog. The first line of the October 18th post is my new favorite quote: “I am not absentminded. It is the presence of mind that makes me unaware of everything else.” Love that. Not sure it’s true in my case, but I’m going to run with it anyway.


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