I feel like this has been 10 years in the making . . .

I think it’s taken me most of the last decade to get good at talking about the power of the hands-on work to help with abdominal distress.  I’m feeling more clear than ever and wanted to make a little “outreach” video.  It’s very short and focuses on post-surgical adhesions since that what I see and hear about the most.

Hopefully it gets the point across.  I would love to hear what you think about it!

(And I do have another “instructional” video post coming up soon . . . it’s been a bit of a monster to edit!)

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin is an LMT and abdominal adhesion specialist in Portland, OR. She specializes in educating people about manual treatment (massage) for abdominal pain and dysfunction, especially when it is adhesion related. Please see the "Programs" page to see her offerings.

10 thoughts on “I feel like this has been 10 years in the making . . .”

  1. Well done, listening to your voice gives a calming effect, I love your videos they have helped me understand my “pain”,the way you speak to us makes me feel like your my friend.. The video seems to have you looking at a different camera is that intentional?

    • Hi Diane, thanks for your kind words and feedback! I’m so glad the videos feels personal to you. And, yes, this one was an interview . . . but maybe that’s a distracting way to do it. 🙂

  2. Great video! My work with you in learning the hands-on abdominal work was the single most important thing I did in recovering from abdominal adhesions. It gave me my life back. I hope that word of your work gets spread to anyone else suffering from abdominal pain and adhesions.

  3. oh this sucks glad we have found you we are reaching out to find someone in our area my lovely wife lays in a hospital bed after her second surgery in 3 plus years .scar tissue had a hold on her bladder ,colon and again on her small intestine all this from 3 C sections done years ago the last two blockages were two weeks apart .Thank God the surgeon did not hit anything while he was in there for 4 hours recovery is slow. we are going to seek any and all help thru Eastern Medicine and massage therapy. Thanks For planting the seeds she enjoys your videos.

    • Hi Mark, yes that is a lot to go through and it’s hard when recovery is slow. I’m so glad to hear there weren’t additional complications and I hope you find great therapists to work with. So glad to hear your wife enjoys the videos.

  4. This is a very important message and accurate re the lack of information available from physicians and hospitals about adhesions before or after surgery. Which is unfortunate. After numerous hospital stays for blockages and being told there was nothing that could be done, I found you on the internet. Your programs have helped me to better understand the adhesions. What I most appreciate was your recommendation and help to find a local abdominal massage person who would go slowly and carefully and who could instruct me in abdominal massage and make the appropriate modifications for my two ostomies. As a result, after 4 abdominal surgeries – no pain and only 1 trip to the ER in the past year for a blockage that cleared quickly. Thank you.

    • Hi Jane, thank you very much for sharing this. It is so encouraging to hear about your level of recovery! And, I always get nervous when saying so clearly that doctors, etc. rarely have answers in post-surgical recovery. But, it is largely true and, as you say, unfortunate. Hopefully continued education for all will help this to change over time!

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