Learn about integrative pelvic care with Jen Owen, NP

Jen Owen is a Nurse Pracitioner in Portland, OR with over 26 years of unique knowledge in health care. She specializes in integrative/functional medicine, herbal medicine, pelvic care, and mind-body awareness.

It was such a pleasure to get to get to interview her about internal pelvic care and more! We spent the first half of our time together talking about supporting moms in pelvic recovery. We ranged in topic from those first days and weeks after a vaginal or cesarean birth to life-long support.

We then got a bit more “general” at around the 14-minute mark as we talked about post-surgical and other concerns in pelvic care.

I’ll likely be interviewing Jen again, so feel free to put any questions you want answered below!

Jen can be found at: https://www.jenowennp.com

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin is a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and abdominal adhesion specialist in Portland, OR. She specializes in educating people about manual treatment (massage) for abdominal pain and dysfunction, especially when it is adhesion related. Please see the "Programs" page to see her offerings.

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