Core what?

Having strong “core” muscles is a powerful thing. It is certainly one of the best things we can do to prevent and combat many different kinds of back pain, as well as promote rockin’ posture! Amazingly (for something so important), core strength is pretty easy to gain and maintain.

Even just ten crunches and 5-10 leg lifts a day can make a huge difference in the way you experience your daily life. So what’s the catch? Well, it’s pretty easy to damage yourself when you’re just beginning to strengthen these muscles. The good news? Once you’re on your way (usually within two weeks), it’s pretty hard to damage yourself while building and perfecting these gorgeous sinewy masses.

This article is some food for thought. Is your brain hurting yet? Really, no one has the definitive answer. Do what feels right to you and ASK QUESTIONS when you are uncertain about what you’re doing or what to do next.

Enough lecture for now? I hear you loud and clear. You deserve a lunch-time gin and tonic, girlfriend. Have fun.

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Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin
Isabel Spradlin is a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), and abdominal adhesion specialist in Portland, OR. She specializes in educating people about manual treatment (massage) for abdominal pain and dysfunction, especially when it is adhesion related. Please see the "Programs" page to see her offerings.

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