I’m Back on the Blog!

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Transcript of video: Hello everyone! I’m glad to be back here on the blog. I know it’s been a long time – since before the pandemic – and that’s because at first during the pandemic, I was confused! I didn’t know what to focus on. I ended up using the bulk of the pandemic to … Continue reading …

NOT Lame

Super cool, actually. My kick-ass yoga ladies are up to 10 minutes of really challenging abdominal work every class.  Last Monday they rocked it through 4 minutes of core-shaking plank, 2 minutes double leg lifts, 2 minutes modified stretch pose (pulsed, with floated legs), 1 minute unbound bow, and 1 minute bridge leg lifts.  (They’re … Continue reading …


I just “guest blogged” for Tina Gilbertson!  So much fun.  http://tinagilbertson.wordpress.com/ I highly recommend subscribing to her blog – her writing on emotions is par none! Tina’s work is a great place to start to understand how to work with your emotions, especially if you are struggling with the emotional component of an injury.