Video FAQ

What do I need in order to use these videos?

Self-Care Videos:

• Your doctor’s go-ahead.
• A comfortable place to lie down or sit comfortably.
• Blankets and/or pillows for bolsters and body supports.
• A computer on which to watch the videos.

Practitioner Training Videos:

• The practitioner training videos were created for practitioners who are certified or licensed massage and manual therapists.

How long will it take until I know if this is working?

This varies for everyone. Some people will start feeling better almost immediately. For others it may take 1-2 months before you notice a significant change. I am receiving reports that most people who are practicing the self-care from the videos are feeling a difference almost immediately. For some, this has meant that they were able to reduce the pain of a flare with their first self-treatment (not that this completely resolved the problem, just made it more bearable while continuing the self-care and other treatment). For others, within a couple of self-care sessions they are having dramatic release of the adhesions and symptoms. Please keep in mind that this work is highly individual and while I am ecstatic that people are having such success with their self-care, everyone is different and your experience may be that it takes longer for the work to help.

Interestingly, what does seem to be rather universal is something that shows up again and again in my practice as well as with the videos. . . Those who are experiencing near-immediate results seem to use the self-care for about four weeks and then stop because they feel so much better, but then their pain and problems flare again, so they have to start using the techniques again. If you can muster the will-power to do it (and believe me I know just how exhausting and difficult it can be to maintain regular self-care, especially once you are feeling better), you will have better, and faster, long-term results.

This is the same work I do on my clients, and the same work I give them to do on themselves. As a practitioner working on someone else, it usually takes three to four one-hour sessions before the work really starts taking effect.

I don’t recommend you try to do any of this work for a full hour on yourself. It will perhaps be best if you set a time for around 15 minutes and then take a rest and see how you feel. Often, self-care can go much faster than with a practitioner and you don’t want to overload yourself. Once you have a good sense of how you are reacting to the work, set your times accordingly.

How often should I use the techniques in the videos?

Again, this varies for everyone. I think 1-4 times per week will be good for most people. There may be times when you will want to use the techniques more often, but you should always give yourself at least three days of rest in any given week. Avoid overworking the belly. It needs time to adjust to and integrate the work you are doing.

What if doing this work makes me feel worse?

• Stop and consult your doctor.

• Take a break. Drink water. Eat well. It is very common to go through a ‘healing crisis’ at some point during your work. Especially if you have had the adhesions for a long time, releasing them will release a lot of stored-up toxins into your bloodstream which can make you feel really awful for a while. It can also release a lot of the emotional content you’ve stored there back into your awareness. As these things come up it is best to rest, nourish yourself with good food, and drink enough water to stay hydrated. Be easy on yourself.

While treatment is not usually painful, it is sometimes uncomfortable for short periods of time during the work. Resolving adhesions is a lot like removing a bandaid. The two surfaces are stuck together and have to be worked apart – that can be uncomfortable. However, most people feel that the relief which follows the work far outweighs the temporary discomfort of the release.

It is important to note that treatment should not be excruciatingly painful. If it is, either this type of work or the intensity of the work you are doing is not the right fit. It is also worth noting that you may sometimes feel a little sore after your first treatment, or after your first treatment that produces a lot of release. Some soreness is normal in these situations but, on the whole, the work should not cause huge pain flares or leave you sore for more than 2.5 days. Also, the two days of soreness should be followed by some kind of relief. If you are feeling sore after your sessions without any material change in your comfort, then you should probably reconsider doing this on yourself.

Once I have purchased the videos, will I be able to download them?

Yes. Once you have bought the video series you will receive secure links to download the videos to your computer or device. Hopefully obviously, the videos are yours to keep and use as long as you’re not redistributing them or selling them on in any way. See here for downloading help.

Self-Care Videos


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