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Thankfully, there’s not much to this part! It’s super easy. Just the way we like it.

Each video (both Self-Care and Practitioner Training) is around or less than 500MB, which on a medium-fast internet connection takes about 15 minutes to download. You can store them on your hard-drive, a memory stick, or any other memory device you would like. There are no imposed protections on the videos so you can play them from any country and almost any device.


Almost every help request I receive is solved by resolving #5 below.

1. From the download page or email where the videos are listed, simply click on the video you want. A box will pop up.

2. Choose “Save File”.


3. Once you have clicked “OK”, a new blank window will open in your browser and your Downloads window should open. You can see the progress of your download from the Download window.

4. On most computers, your default settings will automatically download the video into your “Downloads” folder. Once complete, just open your “Downloads” folder and move the video into whatever folder you would like it to live in on your computer or storage device.

5. If the videos have downloaded and they are not playing well, for example, there is very bad or choppy video quality or very bad or choppy sound quality, or the sound just suddenly stops no matter what you do . . . this usually means you do not have enough memory left on your hard-drive to successfully download the videos. In that case, you have multiple options. The easiest two are: a.) Download the videos onto an external storage device, such as a thumb drive or memory stick; or b.) Delete some unneeded items from your hard-drive (always back up your entire hard drive first!) before you begin downloading. There is a lot of online information about how to do these two things.


Self-Care Videos


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