Self-Care Live Program

I love the self-care program and this is it in its most robust form!

It’s time to get out of overwhelm, fear, and doubt and into feeling at home in your body again.

If you’ve been through surgery in the last couple of years and the result has left you feeling fragile, frustrated, and unsure of where to turn for help, then this is your program.

If you are needing more answers and feedback, if you are are ready to learn about your body and how to help it, and if you are ready to move forward in a safe and highly effective way, then this is your program!

dhaliaIt is so common to feel isolated when things start going haywire in the abdomen.  It’s so easy to start feeling like you are a freak of nature and that no one will understand what is happening to you.  But the truth is you are not alone.

I have worked with so many clients over the years who have struggled with so many different forms of abdominal distress – and they have made huge strides in their comfort and wellbeing.

And, this past year, I have worked with several people remotely and we are getting great results!  We are finding that the more we can guide the self-care with realistic goals for each week or month, the more feedback you have from someone (me) who has seen a lot of people in these difficult situations, the more progress you can make, faster.

This live program takes the guess work out of taking care of yourself.

bee-on-yellow-2Additionally, working directly with me gives us the opportunity to assess and support not just your physical state, but to support your emotional state and your mindset as well.  This is a hugely important part of the healing process.

Recovering fully from difficult health situations can be a hard road to navigate but, again, you are not alone.  There are stages that everyone I’ve worked with goes through on their way to really sustained comfort in their body and the point of this program is to help get you through those stages.

If you want expert feedback on what to work on, and when, then this program is for you.


What is in this 90-day program?

One 60 minute 1-1 Intake/Getting Started session.

One 25 minute 1-1 phone or skype session each week to keep you on track and answer any questions or trouble-shoot any problems you are having.

Two 60 minute small-group conference calls each month to share successes, receive support from the others, and get any additional questions answered.

Various worksheets and log-books to help you navigate this process.

The full set of self-care videos (if you have already purchased these, I will discount your purchase price from the cost of this live program).

The full Your Health Why Program (ditto the discount if you have already bought it).

24-hour turn around on email support (though there are a couple of reasonable restrictions to this).


Why 90 Days?

This may seem like a very short time to some, and a very long time to others – especially as we are heading into the holidays!

This program is formatted the way it is for very specific reasons.  One, I have found that 90 days is just about the amount of time you need to really get yourself good and set in the progress you want to be making.  And two, starting to get this support during the most stressful time of the year can make the change-over to the New Year an actual joy, rather than just one long month of increasing distress and worry.

90 days gives you a chance to get comfortable working with your own body in a directed way, and learn how to maintain the progress you are making.  It also gives you a chance to fully work with the various mental/emotional blocks that inevitably arise during this type of change-making work.

I am here to support you.


Act Now

1centerThere are very few spots available in this live program, and I am only keeping registration open until December 15th.  I want to continue serving my current clients and students and you at a very high level, which means I am keeping some very firm boundaries around my schedule.

I am so excited to offer this option for turbo-charging your self-care and healing!

If you want to experience significant changes in your health in the next 90 days, then this program is for you.

Want to try this, but just can’t commit to 90 days?  That’s ok.  You can pay month-by-month and still get the support you need.

Questions? Let’s set up a time to talk!


Registration is currently closed.  Please let me know if you would like to be notified for the next registration period.