The End of Belly Pain
Your Belly, Adhesions, and Why Manual Therapy Works So Well

Tens of millions of people suffer from chronic and unnecessary belly pain. Abdominal pain is the number one reason for Emergency Room visits in the US each year (7 million visits) and in some places as many as half of these cases are left without a definitive diagnosis. Every year in the US over 5.3 million people undergo abdominal surgery and another 25-55 million people suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other extreme inflammatory conditions in the belly. These surgeries and conditions leave behind scar tissue and other stuck tissues, called adhesions, that quickly begin to cause their own pain and dysfunction.

Scar tissue and abdominal adhesions are the most common and most powerful forces for long-term pain and dysfunction in the belly, and very few sufferers know that they can be simply, safely, and effectively relieved with manual therapy and movement.

Abdominal adhesions are both natural and wide-spread. Almost everyone has them, even if they’re not aware of it. In 1973, a landmark cadaver study showed that about 90% of humans are the indubitable owners of their very own abdominal adhesions. Around 70% of these adhesions result from surgical procedures, while 30% occur naturally in the body. About 20% of adhesions are believed to be symptom-free – which is not actually accurate.

So with a bodily process as common as adhesions, it seems that there would be a very accessible and practical treatment to remedy the painful and otherwise disturbing symptoms that arise from it. Alas, in our modern world, the facts are quite the opposite. While the vast majority of this pain is preventable and treatable with simple manual therapy techniques, many of which can be safely self-administered, very few people are aware of it.

The End of Belly Pain is the book to end this needless confusion and suffering. It provides personable, clear, accurate information to the general reader about abdominal adhesions, pain, and dysfunction. It includes understandable, tried-and-true information about how adhesions and pain are genuinely treatable with specific manual therapy and movement.


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