Coming February 1, 2019!

Abdominal recovery

It’s finally (almost) here!  After many years if promising, I am so glad to announce the launch date for my book!  It will arrive in digital form first, with a printed edition to follow if demand for it is strong.

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Here’s what my editor had to say about it:

“I  think  the  book  is  wonderful  and  will  be  very  helpful  to  give  info, guidance  (and  hope!)  to  those  who  are  suffering  abdominal  issues.  It  gives  the reader  a  broad  understanding  (with  lots  of  specific, nitty-gritty  details) of what massage therapy  has  to  offer  to  heal  all  manner  of  belly/abdominal  maladies. It’s clear  and  understandable  and  compelling. . . with  an in-depth fundamentals guide to  your  body  of  work – which  will  be  a  great  resource  for  patients  and  practitioners alike.”