advanced recover program

Advanced Materials

So many people have used the original program to its fullest and asked for more advanced instruction in order to keep their progress going . . .

So there is now a full Advanced section!

What’s Included

*These are ONLY meant to be used once you are fully familiar and comfortable with the techniques in the original Recover program.*

There are 6 advanced videos:

  • 4 advanced hands-on (plus a little bonus one), and
  • 2 more laser-focused yoga movement sets

The hands-on videos build on what you learned and practiced in the base program to get even more release and relief for the tissues of your belly.

Videos 1 and 2: Learn to work more directly with the fascia of the belly; specifically the peritoneal fascia (or peritoneal sac).  This fascia holds a number of our abdominal organs and can restrict them – it is very useful to know how to release it more specifically.  Video 1 focuses on the more superficial aspects of it.  Video 2 focuses on the deeper part of it.

Video 3: Learn to safely access and work with the “backs” of the organs.  We often think of our bellies and the contents of them just from the front side.  Learning to access and mobilize all the way around the organs can be very helpful to recovery.

Video 4: Expanding on the Legs video from the base program, learn a new and powerful position and technique to help release both your leg and abdominal muscles and access your abdominal contents in a new way.

The movement videos are 15 minute yoga-based movement routines.  This is not “fancy” yoga; it’s not flashy.  It might even seem boring.  But, I’ve been teaching and designing classes for a long time and these are powerful sequences.  

Videos 5 and 6:  These pick up where we left off in the original movement video.  Two different routines to keep your belly supported and to help you make continued progress as you move through the hands-on work.

Of course, you continue to have access to all program benefits (including the Q&A’s) from the base program.

Everything in the Advanced videos came out of working directly with those using the original Recover program.

Also, when you purchase the Advanced materials now you will automatically have access to any new content I add to it in the future.

$159 one-time payment

full pay


$40/month for 4 months


All prices in US dollars.