recover from abdominal adhesions

There is something you can do to help yourself heal.

I have made this program to be PRACTICAL, above all.

Whether you are:

* recovering from a cesarean birth

* recovering from any kind of abdominal surgery

* experiencing abdominal or pelvic adhesions

*  working to avoid bowel obstructions

* or many other kinds of belly or pelvic floor dysfunction

this program is for you.

Connect to your body and feel confident that you can make the changes you want.

Isabel Spradlin


You are not a lost cause.

Even if you have tried many medical procedures, even if you have worked with many different practitioners and tried many different types of treatment, what I have put in this program can help you recover.

Every month, I hear from people who have used this program to significantly change their relationship to their belly, to change their pain levels, to be more comfortable in their life.


If you know in your heart that there is hope for you to feel better. . .

If you are ready to dedicate some time and energy to making this happen for yourself . . .

then this program can help you.

“I just want to say I’ve stayed out of the ER because of [the work from the self-care videos].  I used to go there for pain medication because the bowel obstructions got so bad.  These videos are like a wonderful miracle.  It has helped me out TREMENDOUSLY in terms of pain and so forth.  So I’m extremely grateful for that . . . Pain was what got me motivated to do the exercises and it has been very well improved.” -ANON

What will you learn in this program?

abdominal adhesionThrough the course of the videos, I teach you:

  • Guided, very specific, high-level hands-on massage techniques to help release the tissues of your belly and help you feel better
  • Yoga-based movements that have helped my clients and others in the Recover program over and over again

All of this comes directly out of my years of working with people experiencing abdominal distress.

The techniques in this program are very specific and easily do-able for anyone.

You don’t have to feel:

  • controlled by your pain
  • isolated
  • lost
  • frustrated
  • or just plain confused about how to finally resolve your abdominal adhesions, pain, or dysfunction.

There is something you can do to help yourself heal.

And not only will this program help you now, it is meant to be used over and over again for the rest of your life.  As you work with the techniques and information, you will naturally open into new abilities.  You will learn to:

  • Feel for yourself what is going on in your belly, and
  • Be able to learn when to use which techniques at different times in your healing process.

Don’t worry, no one starts out knowing exactly how to do this.  That’s why I made this program to take you through the learning process step-by-step.




The tools and techniques you get in this program works effectively in both:

  • Acute situations
  • And as a long-term maintenance plan.

There are many problems this program can help you solve:

  • Bowel obstructions
  • Abdominal Adhesions diagnosis
  • Pain or discomfort in unexpected places, especially after surgery
  • Pain to the touch, even at the skin level
  • Pain in your low back, hip joints, and/or groin (Yes, this is very often directly related to what is happening in your belly.)
  • Tugging or pulling sensations in your abdomen
  • Changes in digestive or elimination processes (for example urinary or bowel incontinence, pain with urination or bowel movements, indigestion, constipation, loose stool, etc.)
  • Uncomfortable digestion
  • Acid Reflux (especially when not resolved by dietary changes or medication)
  • A distended or pressure-filled belly
  • Hard, immobile scars
  • Red and/or very puckered scars
  • Increase or change in menstrual cramps
  • Inability to conceive
  • Unexplained, benign swelling
  • Restricted breathing
  • Restricted abdominal range of motion
  • Undiagnosable abdominal pain (pre- or post-surgical)
  • On-again-off-again abdominal pain that doesn’t have an evident pattern
  • A job or hobby that results in stress to the abdomen (e.x. heavy lifting, martial arts, extreme sports, etc.).
  • A desire to establish a better, more informed relationship with the abdomen.


When should you NOT do this program?  When you have:

  • Excessive abdominal pain
  • Open or seeping/oozing wounds in the abdomen.
  • Active flares of inflammatory conditions such as IBS or Chron’s Disease. During latent periods manual work can be effective, but working while there are open intestinal lesions or active inflammation, etc. is a no-go.
  • During pregnancy, unless ok’d by your doctor.
  • Surgery within the previous twelve weeks unless released by your doctor to do this work sooner.
  • If you have an abdominal aneurism


Please Note . . .

Remember, the pain you are experiencing doesn’t always come from where you think it’s coming from.  The abdomen/belly/pelvic floor is a whole, connected system.  This program gives you the tools to seek out and work with each area that is contributing to your pain or dysfunction.

I hope you’ll join the many other people who have successfully used this program to help themselves out of pain in the long-term by gaining the skills needed to effectively deal with future flares and rough patches.

“You have been a lifeline for me. I have been using your self-care videos and am SOOOOO much better. I haven’t gotten to organs or deep muscles at all yet, but trust that I will know when I’m ready and able to move deeper. I cannot say clearly enough how grateful I am to have found you and your wealth of wisdom. You are a beacon of light on what can feel like a very dark and bleak horizon. Thank you for continuing to share so generously.” -MH


“Abdominal adhesion can be very debilitating.
The symptoms often appear in mysterious patterns and refer to other areas of the body. Isabel’s approach to abdominal adhesion balances precision and gentle care.” -CH, Occupational Therapist

This program can help you if:

♦ You have had abdominal surgery.

♦ You are searching for alternatives to certain kinds of abdominal surgery.

♦ You have undiagnosable abdominal pain (pre- or post-surgical).

♦ You have been diagnosed with abdominal adhesions.

♦ You are experiencing on-again-off-again abdominal pain that doesn’t have an evident pattern.

♦ You have a job or hobby that results in stress to your abdomen (e.x. heavy lifting, martial arts, extreme sports, etc.).

This program can benefit you if:

♦ You would like to establish a better, more informed relationship with your belly.

♦ You would like to release your own abdominal adhesions.

♦ You are already working with a practitioner and want to supplement and speed your recovery with safe, effective self-care at home.

♦ You are not working with a practitioner and you need relief from the discomfort of your abdominal adhesions.


How will I get access to the program?

This is an online program with monthly phone support group calls.  There are no DVDs, CDs, or any other physical goods.  Once you order, you instantly receive access to all of your program materials.  The video and audio portions of the program are streamable on any device and are also downloadable.

What exactly does the program cover?

*All videos include Introduction, Instruction, and Movement segments.

1. The Layers of the Belly: Adhesion Demonstration; Setting Up for the Work; Exploring the Layers of Your Belly. 32min 54sec.

getting started

2. Superficial Fascia and Muscle: Learn how to work with the skin, fascia, and superficial muscle layers of your belly. Introduction of foundational techniques to use through all of the layers.31min 51sec.

video 2

3. Scars: Scar mobilization and softening techniques at the superficial, middle, and deep layers. 25min 08sec.

video 3

4. Organs: Working in the middle layers of your belly, specifically with the intestines, bladder and uterus. Techniques learned here are applicable to other organ adhesions as well. 32min 01sec.

video 4

5. Deep Muscles: Accessing and working on the psoas and iliacus muscles in the lower half of your belly. 22min 49sec.

video 5

6. Legs: Understanding the relationship of your legs to your belly and working on two of the most impactful muscle groups – the quadriceps and the adductors. 28min 35sec.

video 6

7. Movement!: A yoga-based routine incorporating the movement pieces from each video into one comprehensive workout for your belly. 25min 07sec.

video 7

8. Chronic Pain (Audio): Perspectives on how to manage chronic abdominal pain in your life. 23min 40sec.

9. Surgery (Audio): How to prepare and/or recover from your surgery in a way that supports a feeling of calm preparedness that will keep your stress at a reasonable level. 15min 06sec.

10. Food & Nutrition (Audio): Things to consider in finding the foods and the nutrition plans and strategies that will help you heal. 7min 07sec.

11. Self-Image (Audio): Don’t let issues of self-image prevent you from bringing your belly into full health. 3min 09sec.


How do you get support as you go through all of this information and material?

Once you have invested in the program:

  • You will have access to the Support Q&A Calls where I answer whatever questions you have.  You get in-person answers to your questions or get guidance and clarification about any of the techniques.
  • When enough people ask for the same thing, I stick it into a video and add it to the program.  That way you have access to new materials, ideas, and techniques that help.  

I know that a lot of people worry that while this information is intriguing, it just doesn’t feel like this format will work for them.

I’ve got you covered!  Or, rather, the people who have come before you and used this program to help themselves heal have you covered!

Some of the most helpful feedback I’ve had from people is:

A loved one (or sometimes even their current practitioner!) goes through the program with them and learns the techniques to help them in those times when it’s just too much to do self-care.

They incorporate small parts of the program into their daily routines, and use different pieces of the program during different stages of their healing.

They take themselves through the program start-to-finish once a year as preventative care once they are feeling better.

The possibilities are really endless for how you can make this program work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

.I have no idea how to feel what is happening in my belly.  I am not talented in this way.  I can’t feel anything with my hands.  How can I possibly expect this to work? Ah, if I had a penny for every time someone has said this to me . . . and then gone on to make extraordinary changes in their own belly . . . For some reason, almost everyone starts out believing they can’t feel anything.  And, I have yet to run across anyone who hasn’t been pleasantly surprised – or even amazed – by the fact that once they actually try with the program instruction, they can do it!  Usually, fear is what underlies the disbelief.  And that’s ok.  Just don’t let the fear stop you from giving it a try.  I made this program to be as safe as anything in life can be, so try to set aside your beliefs about what you can or can’t do in this area long enough to just give it a shot. Also, there are a number of people whose partner/husband/wife learns the techniques in the program and then offers their support with at-home sessions. .

I’m not good with/don’t like computers.  Can I get this as a DVD? I’m sorry, no.  This program is an online, downloadable, forever-accessible program for two very important reasons: 1.  I add new content.  In this online format, you instantly get access to any new material I put into the program.  You can then very easily download the new stuff and have it forever.  (You also have access to your account forever.)  And, remember, you never pay more than your original purchase price for this additional content. 2.  Producing and shipping DVDs is both very time-consuming, and very costly.  I can keep the price of this program down by offering it in this digital form. .

How much time does it take to feel results? If you have started out by trying the Getting Started Program, then you know how quickly this can happen!  Of course everyone is unique, but most people start to feel significant changes in just a handful of self-care sessions – sometimes that’s as little as two weeks. .

How do I get access to the monthly Support Q&A Calls? Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email at the beginning of each month asking: Do you have any questions? Once I have responses from you, I schedule as many as 2 half-hour meetings per month which you can join live or watch as a replay to hear the answers to your questions.   I send all details about the calls several days in advance, and then with the reminders 24-hours in advance.   Once you purchase, you also get access to all of the recorded Support calls for the year so you can learn from questions other people have already asked! .

“The [videos] are exactly what I need and are really
going to help. Just the introductions identify problems that I’ve
almost given up getting any help with, and I know this programme is going to transform my situation.” -LM

“So, now your videos helped me to understand the process of adhesions and to become more gentle and kind with my belly which obviously is part of me and to try to work with “her” and not against “her,” as things are what they are because there is a reason for it. . .” -PS

“I love your video series, I use them all the time to help me deal with my pain issues and my abdominal adhesions.” -LF

This investment will serve you for the rest of your life.

$129 one-time payment
(save $11)

buy now


$35/month for 4 months



All prices in US dollars.

All Program files are digital, online files.  Nothing is mailed.  Once you have signed up, you will immediately be able to stream and download the videos from your computer or device.