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There is SO MUCH that can be done to help all kinds of abdominal pain and distress. I know this can be hard to believe. So many people have been told “nothing can be done to help your adhesions or pain.”  So many people are told this by so many different professionals that they actually start to believe it.

That’s where this specific kind of abdominal massage comes in. Because, the hard truth is that the “worst” thing you can do is give up and not try anything. Because then the scar tissue, adhesions, and the symptoms you experience continue to build. In most cases, they don’t get better on their own.

So, let’s talk about how this Getting Started Program can help you do something real and positive for the long-term health and comfort of your belly.

feeling adhesionsFirst off, there is often a lot of fear involved in trying anything new with your health – and especially with a painful area. Wondering if treatments are safe.  Wondering if the massage techniques will simply make you feel worse without actually solving anything.  Wondering if it’s even going to be possible to learn what you need to know to help yourself.

These are big questions that need answers.

Fear is a potent barrier to making the progress you want and I want you to know that there is nothing to fear in this program.  That’s because I walk you through each part of this step-by-step, including how to know when to rest, when to drink water, when to go for it, etc.

With my programs, you don’t have to guess.  I tell you how to know “good” discomfort from “dangerous” discomfort.  I tell you how fast or slow to go with the motions and techniques. I try not to leave you hanging on anything.

What is the Getting Started Program, then?

Isabel Spradlin
Your instructor, Isabel Spradlin, abdominal LMT for over a decade.

This is a guided hands-on, self-massage program that teaches you:

  1.  All about abdominal adhesions,
  2.  About the tissues of your belly in a practical way so that you can . . .
  3.  Use simple, tried-and-true, effective techniques to start to relieve your abdominal adhesions, pain, and distress.


How do you know if you will actually be able to benefit from this program?

Are you experiencing . . .

  • Bowel obstructions
  • Abdominal Adhesions diagnosis
  • Pain or discomfort in unexpected places, especially after surgery
  • Pain to the touch, even at the skin level
  • Pain in your low back, hip joints, and/or groin (Yes, this is very often directly related to what is happening in your belly.)
  • Tugging or pulling sensations in your abdomen
  • Changes in digestive or elimination processes (for example urinary or bowel incontinence, pain with urination or bowel movements, indigestion, constipation, loose stool, etc.)
  • Uncomfortable digestion
  • Acid Reflux (especially when not resolved by dietary changes or medication)
  • A distended or pressure-filled belly
  • Hard, immobile scars
  • Red and/or very puckered scars
  • Increase or change in menstrual cramps
  • Inability to conceive
  • Unexplained, benign swelling
  • Restricted breathing
  • Restricted abdominal range of motion
  • Undiagnosable abdominal pain (pre- or post-surgical)
  • On-again-off-again abdominal pain that doesn’t have an evident pattern
  • A job or hobby that results in stress to the abdomen (e.x. heavy lifting, martial arts, extreme sports, etc.).
  • A desire to establish a better, more informed relationship with the abdomen.

If any of this describes your experience, then this program can help you.

I often talk to people who feel (or fear) that their chances of getting better are very slim.  I know when you’re feeling this way that it can be hard to believe that anything will help – especially when that “anything” requires some learning and a bit of time investment. But, please believe that this work is worth the time and effort you put into it.  

As one of my teachers used to say, “How many nights have you stared at the ceiling thinking you’d do anything to feel better?”  I make all of my programs knowing that I am giving you real, down-to-earth tools to use so you can feel better.

  • Everything I give you here comes out of YEARS of helping my clients and myself with these exact techniques.

  • There’s nothing “experimental” about what I teach you.

  • I’ve taught these techniques to so many people over so many years that I know which ones really help the most and which ones don’t provide much lasting relief.  I just teach you the best ones – and in this program, the best ones for beginners.

  • I don’t want you to waste your time or energy, any more than you do.  I work to give you the highest-quality information possible.

getting startedAre you thinking . . .

“I want to try this, but I just don’t think I can learn how.” 

“I can’t feel anything when I touch my belly.”

“How can I possibly learn to do this?”

I have made these videos with the understanding that you are starting from scratch.  You CAN do it.

In the first video I tell you WHY we’re doing what we’re doing so that you have a full understanding of the approach.  Then we go slow and steady with lots of specific instruction to help you learn how to safely and effectively work with your own belly. abdominal adhesions

And, you know what?  

Almost everyone who gives it a shot is AMAZED by their ability to make positive changes in their belly.

  • People who have been through 1-7 abdominal surgeries . . .
  • People who have not had surgery but are struggling with various digestive complaints or random pain . . .
  • People who are feeling traumatized by their (often life-saving) medical procedures . . .
  • People who want to resolve their pain or distress in a way that respects their whole self (rather than being required to add in more trauma in order to heal).

I am not interested in teaching safe techniques that aren’t also effective.  I’m also not interested in effective techniques that don’t feel safe.  Because ineffective treatments, or being re-traumatized by the treatment that is supposed to be helping you, stinks.  

I go for both safe and effective in all of my work.

And . . .

If you’re like so many people I’ve talked to . . . you’re still doubting your ability to be effective with your own belly by doing this hands-on work. And that’s ok! Because here’s the thing: you don’t need to be perfect in your technical ability in order to get results.

In this work, there is room for a lot of safe trial and error.  And by error, I don’t mean, “Ack! Something just went horribly wrong!”  (In fact, I’ve never heard that from someone who has used any of my programs.)  Usually “error” simply means, “Um, that didn’t do anything.”  In which case, there are lots of options for how to trouble-shoot that.

Here’s what people who have used the Getting Started Program have to say:

“I’m so glad to have found a simple technique that I can use to lessen my scar tissue.”

“Excelent results. M[y] digestion now is sweet and easy.”

“I have uncontrollable stomach pain due to adhesion. It often times results in twisted bowl and debilitating pain … no one could help. I found this massage very helpful to me. I am planning to buy full recovery program. Thank you very much Isabel.”

“[Y]our introductory program has kept my problem from becoming even worse.”

“Felt more relaxed and slept better.”

“I think the program is helpful especially for folks that do not have a lot of familiarity with working on themselves.”

What, exactly, is in this Program?

Video #1: I talk about and give visual demonstrations of what adhesions actually are and how they function in your belly.  I also teach you to safely feel through the different layers of your belly.  This includes how to position yourself for the work as well as warm-up techniques and initial techniques for working with your adhesions or pain.

Video #2:  This teaches you the first self-care routine.  It incorporates information from the first video and adds techniques to help you make even more progress in your specific pain or problem areas.

Video #3:  Here I help you troubleshoot the most common stumbling blocks as you go through your work.  This routine builds on what you’ve already learned, but we go further to start addressing the larger patterns at work in your belly.

Video #4:  Here I address how to safely keep yourself moving forward with your progress.  This routine builds on what you’ve already learned, but we add new skills for addressing your “scariest” spots.

When you purchase this program, you get:

  • Lifetime access
  • The ability to download all videos so you can have them forever, regardless of internet connection or the function of this site
  • Any additional materials I add to the program in the future.

And you get all of this for only $29 (USD).

(The price is not a gimmick, I just want to be able to offer truly affordable help.)

$29 (US)

All Program files are digital, online files.  Nothing is mailed.  Once you have signed up, you will immediately be able to stream and download the videos from your computer or device.

Something to consider:

From 2017 – 2023, after giving people some time to settle in the program I would send an anonymous poll asking if the program met expectations.  Exactly 75% of respondents said YES, it’s what they were looking for.  That’s a pretty good track record, and I hope you find what you are looking for here, too.


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