Practitioner Directory

This directory is to help people all over the world find practitioners near them when they need help with the various problems associated with abdominal/pelvic adhesions and other forms of abdominal distress.

The categories of the directory reflect the thousands of questions and requests for help that I have received since I started this website in 2009.

The purpose of the directory is not to highlight specific practitioner modalities (though you may list your modalities/credentials and specific conditions worked with in the Biographical Info of your profile).  Rather, it is built to offer access to as many practitioners as possible who can help people, specifically, with abdominal distress.

We do not vet or verify practitioners who join the directory and we always reserve the right to remove practitioners from the directory at our discretion.  See the Terms of Use for full information.

Please Note: your membership will auto-renew each month until you cancel it.  There is no proration of months.  If you cancel/pause your membership, your listing will remain active through the end of your payment period, after which time it will be removed.