Post-Surgical Abdominal Adhesion and Scar Tissue: #2 – Hands-on Techniques (11/4/23)

General Description

This combination of online and live workshop focuses on the specific hands-on techniques useful in addressing abdominal adhesion and scar tissue safely and effectively. This is the second in a series of four workshops for licensed practitioners. Each workshop is small-group and focused and will teach massage/manual therapy techniques to successfully address abdominal scar tissue and adhesions for clients. These workshops are best completed in order, as a series, but I also make them robust enough to stand alone.

Before the Workshop (approximately 2 hours of pre-work)

  • Required pre-quiz.
  • Anatomy and safety review (this is a lightning review of what is covered in-depth in Workshop #1).
  • An instructional video which will teach you specific hands-on techniques to use on your own belly in order to get a lived sense of what you will be doing for your clients and what you will be teaching them to do for themselves.
  • There is other, optional pre-work you may choose to do to enhance your experience during the live workshop (this portion is best completed ~1 week before the workshop starts).
  • There is an optional, very short meet-and-greet via zoom the evening before the workshop so you’re not going in cold if you don’t want to.

During the Workshop

  • A review of the most common conditions encountered and specific hands-on techniques for each
    • Various varieties of post-surgical scars and adhesion
    • Small bowel obstruction (prevention)
    • Hiatal hernia (not usually a post-surgical concern but frequently encountered)
  • Workshop participants will spend the bulk of the workshop practicing these techniques on each other. If you are not comfortable receiving this kind of work on your own belly, please contact me before signing up for the workshop.
  • In the 3rd hour of the workshop, live post-surgical clients will arrive. Participants will work with these clients in pairs or individually.

After the Workshop

Each workshop will be followed by a scheduled Zoom Q&A for practitioners within one month of the workshop. I will also set up a group communication method so you can continue to support each other, as desired.

Details, details …

This is a combination online and live workshop!
Price: $250 (see these terms for cancellation and refund information, about half way down the page)
Date/Time: 11/4/23, 9:00am-1:00pm – please plan to arrive at least 5 min. early, we start and end on time!
Location: Whole Body Health PT – NE Location: 3934 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd., Suite 203, Portland, OR.