.Getting Started

This four-video program is packed with how-to information.  Learn to safely feel for problem areas, including adhesions.  Learn how to work with those areas safely so you can learn more about what is happening in your belly and start feeling better. 

Investment: $20



RecoverRecover – Main Program

This seven-video plus program teaches you every technique that can help you resolve and recover from your scars and abdominal adhesions.  It includes monthly, live Q&A sessions with Isabel.  Learn comprehensive and methodical techniques made for beginners and practitioners alike!  It doesn’t matter if you “can’t feel anything” with your hands.  The videos take you through it step-by-step so you can get the results you want. 

Investment: $129 full pay, or $35/month for 4 months.

feeling adhesions

Recover – Advanced Materials

Developed directly from long-term work with those who used the Main Recover program to its fullest, the Advanced Materials add knowledge and techniques to help you make even greater progress in your recovery.

Investment: $159 full pay, or $40/month for 4 months





Your Health Why

A three-week program to help you clear the fog of confusion and frustration so you can move forward into the health you really want! 

Investment: $29



Self-Care Live Program

The Self-Care Program with one-on-one support and instruction from Isabel, along with live group instruction and support conference calls.

Registration is currently closed.


For Practitioners


Practitioner Training Program

Everything you need to start working safely and effectively with your clients’ bellies.  Includes robust business-building modules.

Investment: $329



Practitioner Mentoring

If you’re looking for practitioner business-building and mentorships with Isabel, you can find those here.