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Marty Ryan, LMT

Director Love Your Guts Seminars, LLC
2366 Eastlake Ave E – Ste 412 Seattle WA 98102 USA Office Phone: 412-246-8858 Website: Scheduler
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Marty Ryan, LMT, CVMT is in private practice in Seattle WA / USA where he focuses on digestive and reproductive system optimization and post abdominal surgery rehabilitation.  He is also the director and primary instructor of Love Your Guts Seminars, LLC.  He teaches visceral massage and palpatory anatomy seminars in North America and internationally.

In addition to teaching and mentoring manual therapists, Marty outreaches to the broader community of health care providers including acupuncture, the movement arts, colon hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and naturopathic medicine about the therapeutic benefits of manual therapy and the abdomen and pelvis. Marty has actively pursued his clinical treatment style through his full time practice over the last 24 years. His classroom teaching style is often regarded as an open and fun learning environment where everyone has the opportunity to participate, learn and be heard.

Outside of manual therapy, Marty enjoys baseball, horse racing, cooking excellent food, swinging kettlebells, indoor rowing, swimming, gardening, and overseas travel.


To book a massage therapy session with Marty in Seattle WA please go to  This URL forwards to my Acuity Scheduling interface and you can book 30 / 60 / 75 / 90 minute sessions in any of my 3 office locations.

If you have questions about my work or anything about your particular abdominal or pelvic challenges, please email or call – [email protected] // 206-395-9639.


Love Your Guts Seminars, LLC is a bodywork education company dedicated to bringing the world of the abdomen and viscera into a whole new light. All seminars are presented with joy, laughter, gratitude, studiousness, clarity and most of all FUN! We invite everyone to truly Love Your Guts!

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