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Photo of Janet A Kingsley
LMT,CVMT FeatherStone
1200 Harris Ave Suite 202 Whatcom Bellingham WA 98225 Office Phone: 360.303.7486 Website:
Photo of Jen Owen N.P.
Nurse Practitioner, Herbalist, Functional Medicine Expert, Pelvic Floor and Abdominal Massage Specialist FLOURISH Integrative Medicine
2505 SW Spring Garden St Suite 200 Portland OR 97219 Office Phone: (503) 432-8050 Website: FLOURISH Integrative Medicine
Photo of Marty Ryan LMT
Director Love Your Guts Seminars, LLC
2366 Eastlake Ave E – Ste 412 Seattle WA 98102 USA Office Phone: 412-246-8858 Website: Scheduler
Photo of Isabel Spradlin OR LMT #14111
Owner Spradlin Bodyworks, LLC
Portland OR 97206 United States Website: Abdominal Health
Cary NC 27511 Office Phone: 919-444-2927 Website: Welletic
Photo of Stephanie Wilger, Owner
Health Care Practitioner and Educator Health Happens LLC
Health Happens, LLC Stephanie Wilger, NC 3515 Grand Avenue, #200 San Francisco Bay Area Oakland CA 94610 USA Office Phone: (510)704-0120 Website: Stephanie Wilger, NC

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