A Solution

Abdominal distress affects the lives of millions of people. While most abdominal pain and dysfunction is the predictable result of surgery, injury, or other trauma to the abdomen or pelvic bowl, some cases seem to show up out of nowhere.  No matter your situation, if you want to explore a life-long, non-invasive, natural solution to abdominal and pelvic pain, dysfunction, and adhesion, you have found the right place.

My entire message is this:

Manual therapy works.

I know this can seem like a big claim to make.  And my continued experience over the last decade with myself and with my clients, along with the decades that other practitioners have spent offering this work to their clients, bears out the claim.

Certainly, not everyone experiences perfect resolution of the problem but many, many of them do. And, everyone I know who has tried this kind of non-invasive treatment has experienced positive change in how their belly feels, or in how they feel about their belly.

I’m glad you’re here, and I hope the information here is useful to you!


sunflower in circle“After six years of abdominal discomfort following surgery requiring an abdominal incision and after two bowel obstructions all apparently related to post-surgical adhesions, I saw Isabel for treatment of abdominal adhesions. After her first treatment I felt very different with everything feeling like it was moving without catches for the first time in years. After the initial treatment I had some ups and downs and Isabel taught me some self-massage techniques which have been very effective. After six months of treatments and self massage I have been on a smooth course with few flare-ups which are handled with self massage and an occasional tune up from Isabel. Isabel has been a delight to work with and I highly recommend her care and work.”